Information for Riders

​Hello Riders and welcome to Team RTL2019! June 28, 2019

We have 21 recovery sleeps before our epic adventure. Our group has doubled in size since last year and we couldn’t be more excited! You’ve been training hard and we’re now in the final stretch. Our new riders are keenly learning the intricacies of group riding to ensure a safe, fun and efficient journey. I would just like to share a few thoughts on safety, fitness and fundraising:

  1. Safety
    There’s nothing more important to this event. Our lives and wellbeing depend on it. As we approach the ride, please consider and practice:
    (1) Gauging how you’re feeling relative to your own strength and abilities and relative to those around you.
    (2) Managing the space between you and other riders so you always have time to react and dodge potential problems.
    (3) Being aware of your surroundings, near and far, at all times.
    (4) Always looking up the road and focusing on what you’re doing.
    (5) Avoiding distractions and allowing conversations take your focus away.
    (6) Drinking a bottle of water every hour.
    (7) Ensuring your bike has been carefully inspected and is in excellent working order.
  2. Fitness & Nutrition
    In order to ride safely, we need to take excellent care of our body and mind at all times. Especially in these last few weeks leading up to the ride. Spirits will be high and we want to sustain that energy. Regardless of your fitness level, this ride will test your limits. Ensuring proper hydration (e.g. 1 bottle/hour under normal conditions), fuel (optimal protein/fat/carbohydrate & electrolyte balance) and oxygen (controlled, focused breathing) will help ensure optimal performance. You should arrive at Qualico well before 6am fully hydrated and with sufficient complete nutrition to fuel the first 3 hours of riding. A few good food examples include: eggs, oatmeal, meat, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, raw veggies, coconut water etc. You’ll want to have some of this with you on the bike, some in your bag in the support vehicle to access at the “in between” stops at Anola, Rennie and Clear Water Bay, and additional food will be provided at Elma and the MB/ON border.
  3. Fundraising
    It’s just the beginning, but riders have already raised over $40,000! Some have not yet started fundraising or put in the mandatory $100 contribution toward your expenses (jersey, food, drink & support provided). Please do that right away.
    As for getting to the mandatory $1,000 minimum fundraising level to earn your jersey, here are a few tips:
    • Ask individuals directly, either in person or on the phone after providing some information in advance
    • Make an emotional connection to the event and Ducks Unlimited Canada with something the person cares about (clean water, healthy wildlife, climate change, children’s education etc.)
    • Make it personal. Invite them to join our community. This ride is a significant physical accomplishment and community effort. Everyone that is not able to ride with us can get involved by donating. There are many benefits to being part of this community (health, wellness, relationships, influence, impact etc.). Just share your personal story.

We’re hosting a meeting at 74 Princess St. (McFadden office) on Wednesday the 17th at 5:30pm. This is to review final logistics, ride groupings and for everyone to pick up the new jerseys!

A group of us is also planning to go see Four by 3000 - Race Across America documentary - Monday July 15 at 7:00 PM, Cineplex Odeon Theatres on McGillivray. It looks like a great way to get inspired leading into the ride.

If you’ve got a group going out for a ride, please let me know. It’s important that everyone get some quality group riding in before the 19th.

See you all very soon ☺

All our best,

Mark Tisdale, Senior Account Manager and Director of Wellness

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